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Dragon Industries deflagration and detonation flame arresters achieved ATEX certification

 We are excited to announce that our deflagration and detonation flame arrestors developed and manufactured by Dragon Industries have successfully passed the ATEX explosion-proof test certification recently. They are tested and certified by The IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, one of the most influential national research institutes in Germany. Meanwhile, they also passed the short-time fire endurance test. Such achievement of the ATEX certification represents our deflagration and detonation flame arrestors have reached the world-class advanced standards.



Dragon Industries provide a full range of flame arrestor products, including pipeline deflagration arrestors, pipeline detonation arrestors and pipe-end deflagration arrestors, and all kinds of flame arrestor products have been tested and certified by both domestic and foreign authoritative testing organizations.

Pipeline Deflagration Flame Arrestors

Pipeline Deflagration 
Flame Arrestors

Pipe-end Deflagration 
Flame Arrestors




Flame arrestors are widely used in petrochemical industry, applications include but not limited to:

·  Flammable liquid normal pressure storage tank;
·  Entrance of combustion equipment, such as torch, incinerator, oxidation furnace, etc.;
·  The import and export of mechanical equipment in Zone 0, such as fans, vacuum pumps, compressors, etc.;
·  Pressure relief valves and gas replacement pipelines for tanks in Zone 0;
·  Equipment for the recovery, storage and treatment of combustible gas such as biogas, sewage treatment, and landfill;
·  Container equipment that may explode but not have explosion-proof pressure, etc.;
·  Gas pipeline in Zone 0;
·  Vent pipeline for combustible gas or steam;

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